Future Arrangements – Spond

We feel enormously privileged that so many of you have already decided to join Nantwich Running Club. 

If you’re still undecided please review our website to understand more about our ethos and approach to training & running in groups. 

In the interest of transparency, and to be fair to our growing membership, we’re going to change the way the Spond platform is accessed and used.

If you haven’t yet completed the membership process we are allowing non-members the opportunity to experience two free “Taster Sessions” (subject to availability) before Friday 16th April. 

If you haven’t joined NRC by that date, your details will be removed from Spond and you won’t be able to book or attend any future group training sessions. 

The priority for the Club is to focus on its members and to give them full access to all our training sessions and facilities.

We hope you understand our position. We encourage you to join us to take advantage of all we’ve got to offer