Nantwich Running Club

Nantwich Running Club


We organise our training sessions using several pace groups. This means that you can train with others of a similar running ability.

We train on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30PM from Malbank High School. Ample parking is located off Water Lode. We run on well lit footpaths around the town for up to 60 mins. The distance covered depends upon the pace group you join.

Ideally you’ll be able to run 3 miles (5k) in under 40 mins. That way, we can ensure that you’re placed in a suitable pace group and that you get the most from your experience of running with others.


Our philosophy is “train easy and race hard”. Easy means running well within your own ability without straining to keep up.

Your development and performance as a runner will be supported by an expert coaching team and experienced Run Leaders.

Weekly training sessions are augmented by specific activities like track nights, hill sessions, intervals and repetitions if you want to try something different.


Running in groups is a great opportunity for a chat. We believe that running and chatting go well together. Put simply, if you can’t chat whilst running, slow down because you’re running too fast!

You have the option to train in different groups so you can meet new people and make new friends.

Underpinning our approach to training runs is that, no matter what your ability, you’ll never run alone and never get left behind.

Taster Sessions

If you’ve not run much before, or haven’t run for a number of years, or you’ve previously not run with others in a group, come and try one of our “Taster Sessions”.

You can book two sessions (with no obligation) to see what we’re about and what we mean by sociable, chatty running.

Following your Taster Sessions you can join us and become a member of a group where you’ll be matched with others of a similar running ability.

Train, Don’t Strain

Arthur Lydiard

Our philosophy to training is based on the principles of Arthur Lydiard, possibly the greatest running coach of all time.

Born in New Zealand, Lydiard applied his unique coaching principles, of sequential training and structured easy paced running, to great effect, achieving prolific success coaching several Olympic athletes.